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They so many people wondering, who is the model in the belly ring song by Mika Singh, If you are one of such a person this blog will answer your burning question. She is also a well-established DJ, she is featured as #1 FHM Sexiest Women Asia, and many other magazine covers including playboy magazine, she is also a  Host of Yo! MTV Raps on @mtvasia, She has almost 1M followers on Instagram, I am leaving the links at the end, for all her social profiles 

Actress (Model ) Name:- Kim Lee 
Country:- USA 
Height: 1.65 m
Movies:-Hangover 2
Official Website:-

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she also appeared in the song Belly Ring by Mika Singh

Watch the video:

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Belly Ring - Mika Singh Ft. Shaggy (Official Video) | Latest Song 2019 | Music & Sound

Instagram:- @kimlee